Name Lukáš Franěk
Photo portrait
E-mail chlebik@gmail.com
Résumé http://chleba.org/cv/
Location Prague, Czech Republic
Jabber Account chlebik@gmail.com
Organization Geewa.com, Javascript Developer
Github Profile github.com/Chleba
Google Profile G+

Current projects

HTML5 Star Wars game One level star wars theme game base on my GameFrame engine. Map was build by GameFrame mapmaker. This game is submission to the Github Game Off 2012 contest. HTML5 Star Wars game
Canvas game Framework Tiny and modulated Framework for making game in HTML5 canvas API. Work in progress. ! Update Example
Canvas Particles Canvas Particles emitter able to configure single particle attributes. Example Here.
KanbanWeb Web visualization solution of managing projects with "Kanban" technic.
HTML5 & games Slides about making games in HTML5 technologies.

Little things & widgets

JS Treeview widget Flashlight effect
JS Panorama viewer (old) JS Photo browser (old)
Lightning canvas effect Facebook like chat textarea
HTML5 game - Munchie Presentation about create Flappy Bird clone Game